Entertainment Got coronavirus cabin fever? Five shows to watch on Netflix and Stan in March

Got coronavirus cabin fever? Five shows to watch on Netflix and Stan in March

Avoid claustrophobia and going stir-crazy by watching these binge-worthy programs. Photo: Getty
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Already climbing the walls on quarantine day two?

Sick of switching between reruns of The Office (US, obviously) and scrolling through Instagram?

Whether you’re looking for comedy, anime or true crime, we have your viewing needs sorted.

Marc Maron: End Times Fun (2020) 

Is humour your coping strategy strategy?

Look no further than Marc Maron’s much-anticipated stand-up special.

From Marvel, to climate change to lizard people, if you’re ready for some doomsday humour – Maron is your guy.

Now available on Netflix, it might be time to test if laughter truly is the best medicine.

Since studies show pessimists also live longer, End Times Fun seems like the closest thing we have to a vaccine right now.

Has anyone called the CSIRO?

Lost Girls (2020) 

This dark mystery by Oscar-nominated director Liz Garbus focuses on a a busy single mother, Mari Gilbert (Amy Ryan) whose sex worker daughter, Shannan, disappears on the job.

Despite finding several bodies of other young sex workers, police fail to adequately search for Shannan.

Marie joins the families of other victims as they begin their own investigation.

Based on a true story, this eerie Netflix Original is sure to have you double checking the deadbolt. Available on Netflix.

Black Monday (2019)

Take a trip back to New York, 1987 where the dreams were big and the hair was bigger.

This outrageous comedy series shows how a group of outsiders took on the white-collar Wall Street boys club and caused the worst stockmarket crash in history.

The binge-worthy series has just released its second season and is backed by Hollywood heavyweights Don Cheadle, Regina Hall and Seth Rogen.

Seriously, this show is a quarantine dream and you can catch it on Stan.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)

Noice! Catch your faves from the 99th police precinct as they close cases, solve crimes and deliver comedy gold.

The seventh season of this cult series is available for a limited time on SBS On Demand.

But if you prefer to kick it old school, new episodes will air on SBS every Friday at 12.30pm.

If you’re late to the party or just want to enter a B99 black hole binge, you can also catch the first six seasons on Netflix.

Cool cool cool cool cool, no doubt, no doubt.

Beastars (2019) 

This award-winning anime series is written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki and depicts life in high school for a group of anthropomorphic animals.

But don’t be fooled by the fun, colourful animation – this show is definitely not for kids.

With characters like Legosi, the anxious wolf, and Haru, the promiscuous bunny, Beastars tackles heavy social issues like love, violence, consent and power.

This refreshing new series is available on Netflix now and in English for those who hate subtitles.

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