Entertainment Bob Dylan gives Kesha the big, warm hug that Seinfeld wouldn’t

Bob Dylan gives Kesha the big, warm hug that Seinfeld wouldn’t

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Kesha says she was 'traumatised' after Jerry Seinfeld rejected her. Photo: Getty
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Singer Kesha’s says her heart has been “healed” with a hug from Bob Dylan after she tried and failed to embrace American sit-com cynic Jerry Seinfeld.

Painfully awkward footage of the 30-year-old pop star interrupting a red carpet interview with Seinfeld to tell him she was a big fan, only for him to reject her request for a hug, went viral last month.

In a new interview, Kesha said she “should have known better” than to ask the comedian for a hug the first time she met him, likening the rejection to her own “mini episode of Seinfeld for five seconds”.

“I felt like I was five years old,” Kesha said on Sirius XM’s Hits 1 in Hollywood radio show on Friday.

“I had a moment where I was thinking to myself, ‘Wow, maybe I should stop trying to hug everyone and attack them,’ and then I was like, ‘F*** that, no. I like hugging. Hugging is magical. Hugging is beautiful,’” she said on the radio talk show.

But the singer said her humiliation was healed when her “idol in life”, Bob Dylan, was only too happy to open his arms when the pair performed at a festival.

“I was a little hug traumatised. I walked up and just kind of like stood there and smiled and he just opened his beautiful arms and gave me the most wonderful, healing, Bob Dylan hug…and I just could care less about anything else,” Kesha said.

Seinfeld was highly dismissive of Kesha when they met at the National Night of Laughter and Song event at the Kennedy Centre in June, saying a definitive “No, thanks” to her offer of affection.

The singer was persistent, asking three times, and saying “please”, before walking off. Seinfeld then admitted on-camera, “I don’t know who that was”.

Kesha told the radio station she was a fan of his long-running sitcom series and owned every episode on DVD.

“He’s just not a huggy guy, that’s fine,” she said. “But as soon as he didn’t hug me, I was like, ‘Oh, this is going to be everywhere’.

Seinfeld later told Extra he doesn’t hug a “total stranger”.

“I have to meet someone, say hello, I gotta start somewhere.”

He also explained he was too old to know Kesha.

“I’m 63, I don’t know every pop star; I don’t know everyone.”

Kesha is currently recording her forthcoming album Rainbow, due to be released on August 11th.

During the SiriusXM interiew she acknowledged that a strict recording routine had helped her struggle with depression.

“I would roll out of bed, get in my car and show up to the studio,” the singer said. “And I would just keep making songs. That was my way to cope.”

In her newly released video to single, Praying, the star asks, “Am I dead, or is this one of those dreams, those horrible dreams that seem like they last forever?”.

The album follows Kesha launching a sexual assault case against her former producer, Lukasz Sebastian Gottwalk, or ‘Dr Luke’.

A New York judge ruled against Kesha’s motion to end her Sony contract.


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