Entertainment Monopoly drops a classic playing piece

Monopoly drops a classic playing piece

The thimble will no longer be a game piece in Monopoly, rejected in 2017 in a campaign to determine the tokens for the next generation of the game. Photo: AP
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The maker of Monopoly has done away 82 years of tradition by dropping the thimble as a playing piece for the latest edition of the iconic game in a decision that has left some fans cold.

The move came after the Hasbro company asked players to select a modern set of figurines for a new version of the game.

While giving the thimble the thumbs down, voters chose to save the Scottie dog, car and hat.

Players have used the thimble to move around the real estate-themed board since the game was launched in 1935.

And not everyone was pleased by the decision, with some Monopoly fans expressing their dismay on social media, many using the hashtag #SaveTheThimble.

The new version Monopoly could see the line up of playing pieces completely transformed, with a rubber duck, emojis and hashtags possibly set to replace dogs, cats and hats, according to Associated Press.

In 2013, the iron playing piece was replaced with a cat, while pieces such as the battleship and the boot are relics of the original game’s Great Depression roots.

Game company Hasbro will announce a new playing piece next month, with the new version of Monopoly available in August.

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