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Comments Guidelines

At The New Daily, we value the insight and interactions that our readers provide in the comments sections that follow many of our articles.

In order to ensure that our comment threads are a welcoming and civil place, we have a simple set of guidelines that establish the criteria by which we decide whether a comment will be published or not.

Please note that after you leave a comment on an article, it won’t appear for up to 30 minutes while it awaits moderation. This doesn’t mean it’s been rejected or hidden! As you can appreciate, it takes time to manage all of the reader contributions we receive each day.

An increase in readers comments can also mean it will take longer to process all our readers’ contributions.

1. Accounts with no profile picture, info or images may have their comments removed

The point of using the Facebook comments plugin is to ensure, to a reasonable extent, that people are using their real identity. We believe a degree of personal transparency allows for greater civility.

Accounts that are intentionally anonymous may be banned from leaving comments.

2. Slurs or extreme and/or excessive foul language is not tolerated

We understand that certain topics can inspire passionate responses.

However, it’s important that a response doesn’t demean others through aggression or abuse. Anything you have to say can be said without causing unnecessary discomfort or insult.

3. Personal attacks on other commenters are not okay

Play the ball, not the person. Of course it’s okay to strongly disagree with another commenter, but we like to ensure that responses to even the most outlandish opinions are focused on the topic under discussion.

4. External links that are spam, of dubious origin or malicious will be removed

Even if you feel a certain site may be a reliable source of information, that may not necessarily make it a safe place to visit. Comments that contain links to websites that are known proponents of false information may also be removed. We retain the right to make the final judgment on this and no correspondence will be entered into.

5. Have fun, and enjoy the insights of your fellow readers

No need to explain this one.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for understanding that we are trying to make the TND community a friendly, productive and respectful place for everyone who chooses to be here.


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