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The annual holiday is over, you’re back at your desk, stress levels rising, the beach a distant memory. For you and all the other big city workers battling traffic, smog and mortgages, we have two simple words: Trading Places. It’s our annual look at the best towns in Australia to turn your life around.

Last year, in our first instalment of the series, we named 10 great tree and sea change places across the country. This year we opted for seaside towns only. We are an island nation, after all. We also adjusted our criteria, asking our two experts, a town planner and urban geographer, to consider large regional hubs or hidden coastal gems close to a capital city. They whittled down the options using 11 criteria, including beach quality, house prices, infrastructure, climate and job prospects. Find out more about the ranking process here.

Think about it: beach walks after work, housing you can actually afford, new career options. Or the chance to work remotely from paradise. This year we reveal the number one town: the Queensland paradise of Noosa Heads. Can’t make the move right now? That’s okay. There’s no harm in dreaming.

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